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Choosing a Ring

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, a lot of guys are going to be looking at rings for their girlfriends.  It can be intimidating to try and pick out a ring for the woman in your life, though. I

Quarter Life Crisis

… anybody feel like they can relate? I’m looking for practical solutions here. Some background: I think at some point in life -besides focusing on the wrong priorities- I made a bad career choice and am now stuck in a

Does The Media Feed Us Negativity?

If you think about it, news reporters grab all the negative things that this world has to offer, its converged into a news studio, compressed, and then all that compressed negativity is thrust thru your t.v screen. And I am

Hello, Texas

My wife and I are moving to Texas in the near future thanks to my job. I work in sales and am used to moving around where we live now but this will be the first time we have had