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Considering That Which Is Important

Some of us were talking about things we love in relationships. It changed into a conversation about the things that people think they want but don’t really want. It’s weird because lots probably try to tell you what they want,

New Repair

I think that I should probably take my car in to have it spotted. It’s been acting a little funny recently when I try to turn on the wipers. I mean, I know they work, but they don’t seem like

My Occupation

The town in which I live is pretty wonderful. There are a lot of things to do here and I have some local skewing I’m sure which makes me like it more. But with all the things I do here

Becoming A Hobbyist

When it comes to photography, I know almost nothing.  Many of my friends are really into it and have these fancy hi tech cameras, but not me.  The only camera I have is the one on my cell phone.  Anyway,

Nice Place

There are a few places I want to visit and I think I’m going to do my decision process out lout here in this post.  There are also a people I want to visit so I’m gonna try and see

Looking For A New Car

I’ve been thinking that I might want to look for a new car.  It’s not that I necessarily need one, but I kind of want one.  My car is great and everything but I’m looking for something that has a

Hard Pillows

I am talking to my friend about snoring.  He said that he has been snoring and wants to see if there is anything he can do to stop it.  I don’t have ay idea how any of that works so

Learning To Surf Huge Waves (Or Small Ones)

I am a fan of roller blading.  Some people think that’s weird because it’s not really that popular but I enjoy it.  I’ve got a few pairs of blades and I like to blade around the neighborhood.  I’ll see people

Starting To Jog

One of the things that I am trying to learn more about is fitness.  I have had a few chances to exercise but I usually don’t keep doing it.  It is something that I am trying to get back into

Upgrading Our Home

My wife and I have decided it is time for us to move on from our starter house that we bought four years ago. We have slowly but surely outgrowing it and now with another kid on its way it