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My wife and I have decided it is time for us to move on from our starter house that we bought four years ago. We have slowly but surely outgrowing it and now with another kid on its way it is definitely time to move. We knew this day would come eventually and now that it is here we both have mixed emotions about it. On one hand it will be great to have a bigger house with more room. On the other hand we are going to miss this place immensely. We put a lot of work into it and it shows. If you saw what it looked like when we bought it compared to what it looks like now you would no doubt be impressed. The good thing is that will be nice when we sell it as there is no doubt we will make out on it. We are going to meet with a realtor next week to talk about all of that.

In the meanwhile we have already been looking for our new home. My wife has already found a handful of them that she is interested in. She uses a site like this to search for Charleston homes for sale. I have yet to look myself but I plan on doing that next week too. I have plenty of vacation time left this year so I took next week off to focus on this. My wife works from home and has a lot of free time during the day because of that so we’re going to have plenty of time to sort this all out.

My main sticking point for where we go is location. I have a rather lengthy commute right now and want to slim that down as much as possible. I spend about forty-five minutes on the road in the morning and closer to an hour driving home. That is just too much especially with how much gas costs these days. I want something under thirty minutes both ways preferably even less than that. The other thing I want is a finished basement. I want to make a man-cave down there where I can watch sports and play some pool. I have a pool table now that I bought from my Uncle but have no room for it here. It has been locked up in our storage locker since I bought it last year.