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There are a few places I want to visit and I think I’m going to do my decision process out lout here in this post.  There are also a people I want to visit so I’m gonna try and see if I can get those two events to happen together.  The first place I’ve been thinking about going is Miami.  I know, you’re probably thinking do I really want to go to Miami?  It’s warm and humid and you all know that I don’t like that kind of stuff.  But, when I see it on TV it always looks like such a cool place that I think I’m finally going to brave the heat and check it out for myself.  Also, my best friend from college lives there so I think I’m going to try and visit him when I go.  I can’t believe that I am actually thinking about going there, so I’m going to say this one is near the top right now.

The other place I have been thinking about going is to Oregon.  I know, people are probably like why do you want to go there?  What is in Oregon?  I have a few friends who live up there and I also like that area of the country.  I have been over to the west coast and I had a good time, and I mostly just want to go visit my friends.  I’m sure that they’ll be able to tell me what I should do when I’m up there, but it’s not like when I think about going there I think about specific things that I want to do.

Regardless of where I go, I am going to use my hotel gift cards that I have been getting.  I was given them as a present by my mother and she said that when I take my next trip I should use them so I’m gonna bring them with me.  The only thing is that I don’t really want to crash at my friends’ place the entire time.  I know that you can do that and I’m sure my friends wouldn’t mind having me, but I don’t want to be bothering them and I’m probably going to stay there for a while and I know that having someone at your place for a long time can start to get a bit uncomfortable, even if you’re good friends.  So I’ll just stay at a hotel and then meet up with my friends for whatever we decide to do.  Plus, hotel beds are usually a bit more comfortable than sleeping on your friend’s couches, so that’s another reason I’d rather just stay there.  And I can also get up when I wake up and I won’t be making noise or anything that will disturb my friend.  I don’t think that’s strange.