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I am a fan of roller blading.  Some people think that’s weird because it’s not really that popular but I enjoy it.  I’ve got a few pairs of blades and I like to blade around the neighborhood.  I’ll see people looking at me but I don’t really get bothered by it because at least I’m doing something that I find enjoyable.  I also like doing tricks and stuff but I’m not really that good.  I can do some jumps but that’s about it.  I have seen that there are a few ramps and stuff around here and I will check them out when I am feeling active and adventurous but usually I just stay around town on normal roads.  The other thing that I have been wanting to try is surf lessons.  Unlike with blading, surfing doesn’t seem like something that you can just buy the stuff yourself and then go to it.  Well, maybe, but I wouldn’t want to do it that way.  Then again, I learned to skate when I was with some people who were already going skating so maybe I did kind of learn from people.  But when it comes to riding waves I think I would prefer to have a teaching atmosphere.

So the thing I have to decide is where I want to learn.  There are a few places I have seen around here and there is also a surf camp Costa Rica that I found that looked pretty nice.  The thing I need to find out, though, is what you need to do to prepare.  Maybe you just show up with yourself or maybe you need to do something beforehand.  That can probably be answered with an email so it’s going to also be a way to see how the customer service is.  Another thing I want to see is if I can check out a few of the places before I decide.  Obviously most of them have websites but I still think that looking online can give you some good insight into what kind of experience they have.  The place that I choose will probably be the one that I think looks the best so I’m going to start looking at some of the ones I’ve seen.  After that it’s going to just be a matter of getting out there and learning to catch some gnarly waves!  Well, there’s probably other stuff involved, but that’s the general concept.