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My wife and I are moving to Texas in the near future thanks to my job. I work in sales and am used to moving around where we live now but this will be the first time we have had to move out of state. It was too good of an opportunity to pass up so there was no real debate over it between us. She can find a job anywhere in her line of work so that wasn’t an issue either.

I did make sure that this would be a fairly permanent position before I decided to take it. I didn’t want to move down there and 5 years later be relocated somewhere else. I say that because we have been talking about starting a family and I wouldn’t want to move if we have kids. I know how that feels because I went to four different schools myself growing up. It was like I would be at one place and finally be settled in then it was time to go somewhere else and start everything all over again. I would never want to subject my kids to that.

We have been checking out homes in Texas.   The one thing I’m looking forward to is living in Texas being a Cowboys fan. I grew up rooting for them and have never stopped. One of the first things I did was look to see how far away their stadium was to the area we are moving to and it isn’t bad. As you probably know Texas is a huge state but we are only going to be like 2 hours away. I told my wife that we will be going to as many games as possible and she said ok. She isn’t really into football but will go and root them on for me. I am hoping that I can get some tickets from my job but haven’t inquired about that yet. It would be nice if they had a box or season tickets that employees could use. I would imagine those would be a hot commodity though.

Speaking of hot that is one thing that will take some getting used to. I know how hot it can and will be there and my body isn’t used to that kind of heat. My wife wants our house to have a pool and I agreed. That will definitely help having one of those.