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If you think about it, news reporters grab all the negative things that this world has to offer, its converged into a news studio, compressed, and then all that compressed negativity is thrust thru your t.v screen. And I am like “am I the only one questioning whether this stuff is not good for your health or not?” , the negativity is extreme, you could just follow the off-topic forum for one day to see that the people are full of negativity.

So going back to the fundamental question: Are we raised/educated/media influenced to be negative. I would say yes. Hell I even know that as when I was a small kid my dad already said I would never amount to anything, I was raised by him saying constantly that I couldn’t achieve anything, which in the end made me believe that stuff what he said and that it was wasteful to do any positive effort to do anything, because I couldn’t achieve anything according to him anyway. Moreover he was always negative. Screaming, yelling and hating everyone.

In hindsight, it might have been his own emptiness of not being able to achieve anything that was being projected on me.

Anyway it might not be a good comparison but when I went to Japan for the first time, I saw that the Japanese don’t have this negative attitude at all. The gigantic buildings in Tokyo may have not meant anything to anyone who walked around there at that time, but for me it was the proof that positive achievements are possible. The many thousands of animations and electrical equipments that are produced , make me feel like a unproductive person. And I am like “where does all this negativity come from?”, why are we raised to curse, be angry and hating our fellow human beings?

I feel that America and Europe isn’t productive or positively raised. I mean what do we still produce? In Japan they still have this attitude of “we can achieve this!” This whole negative couch potato attitude culture we have here in the west in the end doesn’t amount to anything.

So my question to you is. Do you feel like you were raised negatively. What do you produce in life? And how do you feel the Media is influencing your life? And how has all of this influenced your outlook on life?

Try not to watch the news, especially local stations. In my city the news is nothing but negativity and it gets old. For some reason the media in this country thinks all we want to hear about is negativity. I believe for the vast majority of people in the USA we would rather hear positive things but there isn’t one news media source to my knowledge who presents this to us on a regular basis.

Our country would be much better off finding solutions to problems than dwelling on the negativity.

Like I said, our particular local news is 100x worse! It’s nothing but a daily mix of who shot who, what house or business got robbed, etc. Who cares! Yes, we know it goes on but we don’t have to hear about it three times a day on the news. Not once after these reports do they talk about “solutions” to why these things happen.