My Occupation

The town in which I live is pretty wonderful. There are a lot of things to do here and I have some local skewing I’m sure which makes me like it more. But with all the things I do here and the fact that I enjoy where I live, how can you not agree? Well, I guess there are probably some people who wouldn’t. The thing is, a big reason that I like living where I do is that I have a little spot where I can go and relax. It’s a place by this field that isn’t too far from here. I will go there and just do what I do and kind of work out some things I Have been thinking on. The other thing that is nice is that my neighborhood i pretty sweet. It’s a place with a lot of features that you would notice when you go there. Because of this I have been learning about gardening and am thinking about adding to the one I have in my yard. That’s right, I have one there but I don’t really have much in it other than a few plants. But I would like to see what I can do and maybe even change some of the surrounding area in to a place where it could be even sweeter. So if I am going to do that I need to get some cast iron garden furniture for it so that it has a more of a casual feel to it as opposed to like just being this sectioned location. The other thing I would figure I need to do is get a few more varieties out there but that can come as I decide.

Speaking of my home, there is a lot of grass here that people take care of. Have you ever been to a place where everyone loves their yard? That’s like where I live. So when you are driving through the roads or whatever it’s like everything just seems to pleasantly be there in a way that makes you think that you are in a ritzy place. Except it’s not ritzy. It’s just a normal subdivision. At least that’s what I think. But I really would consider moving only if I had a good reason to, like if I were to move for a relation or something but that is something that I will have to talk about in another post because it is a very in depth subject and I don’t think I should go into that here. Let’s just say that because of the aspects of my town that I like, I am going to be happy living here and that is why I am wanting to work on my back yard a bit. And I just need to chose how I am going to do everything.