Monthly Archives: June 2016

Considering That Which Is Important

Some of us were talking about things we love in relationships. It changed into a conversation about the things that people think they want but don’t really want. It’s weird because lots probably try to tell you what they want, but it’s not the things that they facilitate.

I will give you an example. Someone says they don’t want to date a smoker. Many people are quite definite about this. They say they will not do it. Although once they start dating someone who smokes, they are decide that it’s not so bad. Even though they don’t want to date a smoker. This kind of thing is pretty common. There are many supports to this phenomenon, though. Usually people notice it if they are discussing with their friends specific aspects of their relationship involving situations they have been in. The way I see it, though, it’s weird, because you would think that women and men would feel like their own situations would be most apparent to them but it’s usually the other people who notice. The other day I was talking to my friend who was saying that he didn’t like the fact that his girlfriend was really petty about keeping her apartment clean. I was like, how did you not notice that? I mean, you said you don’t like that when people do it, but you continue to date her. It’s something she does. And you say you don’t like it. But she does it. So you need to decide if you want to date her or not. It’s like, people can’t understand this stuff. But there are relationship rules for women that might be helpful, I think, with so many women who are in this environment, too. I mean, a girl I know named Becky was telling me that her husband doesn’t clean his fingernails. She said it’s filthy. She said she doesn’t want to date someone who doesn’t clean his fingernails. Actually, she keeps dating him. People seem to be kind of caught with this. I don’t know. And these situations have happened to me, too. This could just be part of human nature. You notice things like this when you talk to your friends and when you critique your own relationships. Most people do this, so I don’t think it’s that odd. However, it’s probably important to look at what you want and see if it’s something that you actually think would make your life better. Picking apart everything that everyone does wastes effort.