Monthly Archives: November 2013

Starting To Jog

One of the things that I am trying to learn more about is fitness.  I have had a few chances to exercise but I usually don’t keep doing it.  It is something that I am trying to get back into though because I would like to get in better shape.  I am thinking that I should probably pick a few exercises and go from there so I don’t overtrain or something.  I am thinking that I should probably start with just some situps and maybe some stretches and then add more as I get better at doing them.  I think I also want to start jogging because it’s a good form of cardio and I don’t really think I could run very far right now without stopping.    I am also going to need to get some new shoes so I can start exercising because the only shoes I have right now are the ones I wear to work and they are not really designed for doing anything strenuous.

As I go about exercising I think I am also going to see if there are any supplements that might help me.  I usually see some every time I go to the store but I don’t really spend too much time looking at them because I’m not really interested in them.  I may look into some of the ones that are supposed to help you get all your vitamins and stuff.  I don’t think I need to use any of the crazy ones, though.  I was reading something online about a few new supplements, though.  One of the nnice ones was a weight loss supplement with garcinia cambogia extract in it that is supposed to help people lose weight but I”m not sure I need something like that.  I think I’m going to have to look into this stuff a little bit more before I decide if I want to try something like that or not.

I am also thinking that I might want to start out running around my neighborhood before I decide if I want to join a gym or something.  This way I’ll be able to see if I’m going to stick with it and if not I won’t have to worry about canceling my membership.  Of course, I am going to stick with it because I am going to start working out regularly so it shouldn’t be an issue.  But I figure I will start running on my street, anyway.